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5 House and Techno Acts at BUKU Music + Art Project 2022

BUKU 2022 embraces house and techno artists for 10th anniversary.

BUKU Music + Art Project will soon unfold in New Orleans, Louisana, on March 25 & 26. The ongoing pandemic caused the festival to be paused for two years making this 10th anniversary the most anticipated BUKU in history! Daily lineup reveals several heavy hitters in the music world and, more specifically, in the house and techno scene. The good news is we have outlined five must-see house and techno acts to watch at BUKU Music + Project for the 2022 edition.

1.) Amelie Lens

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Amelie Lens is a techno dj and producer who quickly leads the way in the techno scene. She is also a record label owner of LENSKE and EXHALE, curated events and parties. The sound of her music incorporates a lot of the European techno sounds along with acid and tribal house beats. She has earned herself a residency at Labyrinth Club in Hasselt, Belgium, where she built an empire for her music and brand. Amelia Lens plays on Saturday, March 26, and will be someone you won’t want to miss.

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2.) Dom Dolla

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Dom Dolla is an Australian house dj and producer rising fast due to countless successful original tracks. The originals include ‘Take It,’ ‘San Frandisco,’ and ‘Pump The Brakes.’ He won the 2020 ARIA Music Awards award for the song “San Frandisco.” Dom Dolla is known for electrifying house beats and drops that amp the crowd up and do not slow down. He sells out tours in Australia, North America, the United Kingdom & Europe because of the constant engagement and crowd control he offers in his sets. Dom Dolla plays on Friday, March 25, so pack your dancing shoes for this one.

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3.) John Summit

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John Summit is a name that is most likely showing up more and more on your social media timeline feed. This Chicago house native took the world by storm after his massive success with ‘Deep End’ on Defected Records in June 2020, which became the longest-running Beatport #1 of the year and was named Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune before landing on Radio 1’s main playlist. John Summit is leaving his everlasting footprint in the house scene by headling several North American cities and festivals and continues to surprise fans every day. John Summit plays on Friday, March 25, and it’s about to be a party to remember.

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4.) J. Worra

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Jamie Sitter, a.k.a. J. Worra, introduces her twist with classic house and new school tech. The Native Chicagoan now-Los Angeles-based dj and producer is bringing to light her style of home and techno sounds to the stage for the world to see and hear. J. Worra supports local charities such as LGBTQ youth and animal rescue, hoping to not only be a positive impact in music but also in every space she can. Recently, J. Worra announced her gigantic North American Tour “Check Out.” J. Worra plays on Friday, March 25, and everyone is in for a treat.

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5.) Lane 8

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Denver-based DJ and producer Daniel Goldstein, aka Lane 8, has made the world talk in today’s melodic house scene with numerous sold out shows at iconic venues such as Red Rocks and Brooklyn Mirage. Coming off his fourth album release ‘Reviver’ and third on his own, This Never Happened imprint, released in January, is already being labeled a masterpiece. Lane 8 strives for shows to be an intimate moment in time that surrounds the idea of putting the phone down in living in the moment to the point where the question comes to mind, did this even happen? Lane 8 plays Saturday, March 26, and the question “did this even happen?” shall occur.

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