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CharlestheFirst Sadly Passes Away at 25 Years Old

The music industry is not only a close-knit community, but it’s a family. No matter what type of music genre or field of work, it hits home when an artist passes away. Unfortunately, the dance music community lost another legend. Charles Elias Ingalls, aka CharlestheFirst, unexpectedly passed away in his sleep on Friday, December 10, at only 25 years old. The news about CharlestheFirst broke out on social media when a statement was posted by Lab Group on Instagram announcing the news of CharlestheFirst. The entire message reads down below.

Once the news broke, it did not take long for friends and other artists who knew Charles to start posting their emotions, feelings, and reactions to the unexpected death.

Please understand that everyone deals and copes with death in their own way. Please respect the privacy of Charles’s family and friends as there is limited information at this time on the internet about the passing of CharlestheFirst. Please do not go around and say anything that is not confirmed. Please respect the life of CharlestheFirst and remember him for who he was, a legend. Remember, legends never die. Rest in peace, CharlestheFirst, and the memories and music will live on forever.

Charles, CharlestheFirst

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