Jason Adamchak

Jason Adamchak

CHEMIKKAL Makes Major Label Debut With “Mine”

Latest Original Single Drops On Blanco Y Negro Music!

Cover Art for “Mine”

Multi-faceted, rising DJ and producer, Chemikkal makes his major label debut with his brand new original single “Mine” – available everywhere now (Friday, September 16) through Blanco Y Negro. “Mine” is available everywhere now, HERE

Signed to Blanco Y Negro Music, “Mine” is a milestone release for Chemikkal, marking his very first signing with a major label (Blanco Y Negro Records is a sub-label of Warner Bros. Records/Atlantic Records UK/Warner Music Group). Showcasing elements of what has become his signature sound, Chemikkal serves up his stellar production skills on “Mine,” which ropes listeners in from the very start. Memorable from the very first beat, “Mine” is a must-play dance tune that you won’t soon forget. Signed with The 1220 Agency, stay tuned for many new originals from Chemikkal, including several on Austin Kramer’s imprint in 2023.

“I am back again with a huge electro/future rave-styled record called “Mine”. This record has massive melodic undertones that are mixed with the fast-moving dance lead elements making it the perfect record for edition playlists like Beast Mode. Mine was such an interesting track to create, I was able to blend in trap elements, and half-tempo productions with huge wide leads bringing the whole track together.”

– Chemikkal

The beginning of the track with soothing lyrics that connect emotions from head to toe, and a beat begins to build that could go in any direction. However, the drop takes a future rave style and sound that easily flows all rhythms and tempos together. The slow lyrics to the fast build-ups are a perfect match and compliments each other very well.



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