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DJs for Ukraine Unite Together [Livestream Charity Event]

Ever since Vladimir Putin announced his invasion into Ukraine on February 24th, the world indeed has taken the time to stop, pay attention, and act. According to LinkedIn News, More than 1.5 million people have fled Ukraine, per the AP. As well as thousands of innocent civilians died due to airstrikes from the Russian army. Countries and cities have been showing support by lighting up monuments with the colors of Ukraine’s flag, celebrities amplifying voices by starting charities, and then, of course, djs hosting livestreams where people from all around the world can donate money. In Atlanta, Georgia, over 25 local artists have come together to recruit and participate in a three-day livestream event called DJS for Ukraine LiveStream event. The event will take place from March 8-10 and will host local talent from Atlanta, New York, California, South Carolina, Florida, and Philadelphia, all on Twitch.

The logistics of the livestream will work by viewing the graphics that will be shared, showing the set times and days each artist will be playing. It will go as a raid train style concept where you will visit the artist’s Twitch channel, and you will be able to watch them perform and donate to the charity. One hundred percent of the donations will be going to the Do Good Fund: Ukraine Aid, which provides urgent humanitarian aid to Ukrainians impacted by the ongoing crisis. Here is the link to donate for those who cannot watch the livestream. Jason Adamchak, Emerald Summers Presents, and AstralFusion Productions come together to gather the local talent of Atlanta to create the most prominent DJ Ukraine livestream event to date in hopes of raising $1000 for Ukraine. Please help the cause by sharing the Facebook event with friends and family, donating money, and watching the livestream. Everyone has the ability to change the world and help those in need no matter the circumstances.

“I was at the gym, and of course, the news was playing, and it struck a nerve that so many innocent lives are being a victim of a war no one asked for, and I wanted to make sure I could make a difference and create awareness of what is happening as well as help raise money. Even though we are miles away from Ukraine, it does not mean we cannot show our support and make a change. I believe music has the power to change the world and push people in the right direction, and that is what this livestream event is all about and why I created it. It has also been so beautiful to see everyone come together to help each other and make this event possible.”

Jason Adamchak

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