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EDC Las Vegas Reveals 2022 Festival Theme

Insomniac Events shares the theme for EDC’s 26th festival edition

CosmicMEADOW – Photo from EDC LV Facebook

Spring is not the only season blooming. Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas (EDC Las Vegas) will be in full bloom on May 20-22, literally. Each year, EDC Las Vegas creates an overall theme for their festival to focus on, which carries forward to other EDCs such as Mexico and Orlando. The themes help boost the interactive and immersive experience for headliners (festival-goers) who attend the music festival. Hype and mystery build the moment the current edition ends. Previous years include KineticLOVE (2018), KienticENERGY (2018), KineticZEN (2021), and 2022’s theme KineticBLOOM!

Eight Massive Stages, Interactive Art Installations, Art Cars, Free Carnival Rides, and MORE will be in full bloom for their 26th edition. All GA and GA+ passes are currently sold out. However, limited VIP passes are still on sale on their website. The time is ticking Headliners.

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