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Griz Presents New Social Media Account

There is a shift in the music scene between artists trying to connect with fans in ways that never before were possible. Thankfully everyone is living in the digital age where different walks of life can connect to an array of platforms. Artists are becoming more creative and immersive with creating curated experiences such as their own music festivals and, more recently, building separate social media accounts solely focused on their communities and fan base. GRiZ announced on his artist socials a new GRiZ HQ called GRiZ Presents.

Community is always at the top of the list for GRiZ, so this announcement should not surprise anyone who is a fan or follows his journey. With more and more artists creating their own experiences and festivals, it was only a matter of time. The channel is moderated by team GRiZ and is where anyone who wishes to see GRiZ perform should follow and pay close attention to the most recent news and updates about everything GRiZ. The sky is the limit for what information can be pushed and shared in this space, but one thing is for sure GRiZ and his team will not disappoint.


GRiZ promotes positivity through his music and the overall energy he gives off to the world. Experiences are second nature for him as an artist, and creating a space to share his art with the community has gained him appreciation from all over the world. To those who have never experienced a GRiZ show, please set some time aside one night and put on GRiZ Presents: Rainbow Brain The Movie. You will need to see GRiZ live in person, but this is still an out-of-the-world performance.

Stay tuned for more on GRiZ Presents.

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