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Major 2021 New Year’s Eve Events Canceled

It seems like the saying three steps forward and two steps back fit the overall theme of what is happening in the world right now. In the blink of an eye, somehow, we have transported back to 2020. COVID-19 test kits sold out, lines are wrapped around buildings to receive tests, and a new, more contagious variant called Omicron is the most dominant strain in the United States. Several New Year’s Eve events and music festivals that planned a return are starting to cancel due to Omicron.

Within 24 hours, two New Year’s Eve dance music events have announced on social media they are no longer moving forward with their events. The first event canceled just two days before the festival is set to take place is Lights All Night Minneapolis on December 30th & 31st. The Disco Donnie Presents event booked ZHU, SIDEPIECE, JAUZ, Doctor P b2b Funtcase, ATLiens, Feed Me, and more. The festival announced on their social media that it was no longer taking place and gave no reason why; however some of the people commenting are saying low ticket sales due to COVID, but this is not confirmed.

Insomniac Events then followed suit with the cancellation of their Abduction 2021, set to take place at the WAMU Theater in Seattle, Washington on December 31st. Abduction 2021’s lineup consisted of Lane 8, Eric Prydz, Dabin, DROELOE, Nostalgix, and Frida K. Something to note in the cancellation is why the festival chooses to cancel stems for people getting sick. Still, they will not confirm the sickness is COVID-19.

Unfortunately, some of the artists and their crews are sick and are unable to perform.

Insomniac Events – Abduction 2021 PNW Instagram

If anyone is attending a New Year’s Eve event this year, please make sure to stay close to the events website and social media. Events are canceling rapidly, and policies and procedures are fluid and changing. Another tip right now is paying attention to the airlines if one is traveling in the air because flights are getting canceled due to employee staffing shortages testing positive for COVID. Please be vigilant, get tested, research vaccines near the area, and be mindful of people while ringing in 2022. Stay safe, everyone.

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