Jason Adamchak

Jason Adamchak

New York Welcomes Immersive Party Series: Scenery Roof

A brand new immersive party series coming soon to Long Island City

The weather is warming up, which means pool parties and rooftop gatherings are starting to form for the people of New York. A change of seasons comes with a change of affairs, and New York wastes no time promoting new rooftop events. Scenery Roof is an elevated open-air rooftop event series offering innovative talent in dance music. This summer exclusive series event is a brand new unique experience that has never been done before and is uniting the best international headliners and city locals on the same roof to synchronize together for the love of dance music.

Scenery Roof is taking in all rooftop elements, such as carefully curated beautiful decorations and the venue’s ten thousand square feet with a state-of-the-art sound system. Each move is being thoughtfully calculated and executed to ensure every guest experiences a truly one-of-a-kind sensation, but in their own way. This rooftop party series aims to keep each attendee as engaged as possible, whether by interacting with art performers, dancing with guests on the dance floor, or connecting with your friends over drinks and snacks. 

Headlining the inaugural show at Scenery Roof are All Day I DreamsLost Desert, and Hamburg’s Oliver Schories. Featured artists include David Orin from Anjunadeep and Christian Voldstad from Bespoke Musik. The immersive experience will take each attendee on their spiritual journey during the day and then run through the night to embrace a shift in energy and scenery. The rooftop will offer dazzling sunsets that will kiss each person in attendance as the night welcomes everyone. 

One of the leading members of the All Day I Dream label, Lost Desert, is a true master of creating blissful music. From grains of sand sweeping against salt pillars or window chimes. These sounds became textures in maximizing his unique sound. Lost Desert is a mysterious artist supported by his mystical tranquil beat and melodies.

For years, David Orin has been a key figure in New York’s surging deep and melodic scene. He is the helm of a new wave in the deep house, with his passion for music and blends of rhythmic percussion and intricate melodies. Each release helped build a melodic mastery foundation. So it’s no surprise he’s received regular support from massive artists in the community.

Christian Voldstad acquired his love of electronic music while growing up in the UK. However, it wasn’t until he moved to New York that he would attend his first underground party and find the sound that would capture him to create music himself. Since then, Christian has become a staple of the underground scene, a party enthusiast, and an avid techno tourist. His practical taste in music earned him a residency for Bespoke Musik, captivating audiences with thoughtful, layered DJ sets.

Scenery Roof is a special kind of event that offers not only the best of house and techno but offers a rare different way of partying. It’s located in the heart of Long Island City, overlooking the incredible views. So summer has officially begun; let’s celebrate with a bang all season long.

Opening Day

Saturday, May 21st

Long Island City, NY

3 pm – 11 pm | 21+

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