Jason Adamchak

Jason Adamchak

OB7 Captivates With Original House Track “PEACHES N CREAM”

DJ OB7 is an open format dj and producer from Tampa, Fla. Recently, DJ OB7 has been going under another name, OB7, his house alias. We will be the first to say it loud and proud that we are here for it. OB7 has been dipping his feet wet into the house scene and experimenting with new sounds, and it is safe to say OB7 wasted no time during the lockdowns and quarantine. OB7 released the original house track “PEACHES N CREAM” Friday, December 3rd, on SoundCloud.

The track creates a perfect build-up and anticipates fans for an iconic one-of-a-kind drop. “PEACHES N CREAM” is what all house lovers need in their lives right now because it meshes vocals and big room beats together to alter the perfect tempo from start to finish. The audio quality of the track is truly what sets it apart from others, and the better the sound system the track plays on, the better the experience. Several unique and diverse builds that transition smoothly between drops create the ultimate house vibe. 

Now, this is not OB7’s first rodeo for testing the waters in the house space. One of the first house remixes he did, “WHATS POPPIN – JACK HARLOW (OB7 HOUSE REMIX),” actually caught the attention of no other than Diplo himself and was one; of the most played tracks in rotation on Diplo’s Revolution Radio on SiriusXM! (Diplo – Diplo & Friends 2020-08-22). Following his success from that remix, he remixed Justin Bieber’s “Holy” song, and that one is a house masterpiece. The future has always been bright for DJ OB7 but is brighter for OB7 by stepping foot into the house scene as a producer. 

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