Jason Adamchak

Jason Adamchak

Take a Step Into the ”Afterlife” With nøll’s Latest Release

nøll introduces the first single “Afterlife” from the forthcoming Afterlife EP

“Afterlife” single artwork

Music holds emotion from start to finish by combining all elements, such as beats per minute, vocals, and instrumentals. Finding the ideal recipe by not having one overpower the other can come as a challenge when producing and crafting a sound. However, nøll quickly perfects each of his creations and does so with his latest release, “Afterlife,” the first released single from his forthcoming EP Afterlife. Seeing much success from his first single of the year, “i…” and an acoustic version/remix EP of “Save My Life,” the LA-based based producer returns with a dynamic bass/bedroom pop combo available to the public on April 29th.

The single starts with calm and smooth vocals painting a picture of the gateway to the afterlife, opening up with a build to a low bass drop that blends well with the lyrics and soon picks up further into the song. Each part of the song frames so well that the soul connects each meaning behind every vocal and drop. Anyone who listens to this single can put the pieces together and see and hear that nøll is a visionary and artist. The artwork goes hand in hand with the music conveyed and showcases the talents of the young producer. 

“Afterlife” tells the story descending into the deepest part of purgatory but still finding the path to redemption. Do we have a chance to change for the better or are we doomed to repeat our past mistakes?

– nøll

Los Angeles based producer nøll started studying violin and piano at a young age, playing in district orchestras in Texas, where he grew up. He started producing in 2016 and began by posting flips of popular records by Alicia Keys, Zedd, and more to SoundCloud, gaining the attention of blogs like EDM.com and AcidStag. nøll released his first four track EP titled “the empty set” in 2018, a nod to his namesake and corralled support from the local LA electronic scene. He continued releasing records on found/red, Cloudkid, gaining millions of streams across YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. nøll draws inspiration not only from today’s top producers but also from orchestral composers such as Hans Zimmer, cinematic works like Interstellar, and more. nøll continues to bring his sound and take on electronic and dance music as he builds a repertoire of unique orchestral and cinematically influenced records.

Make sure to follow his journey on all socials to keep unfolding more of the Afterlife with nøll because you know what they say about the afterlife; it is only just the beginning of a whole new world.

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